We Export to All Countries
We have been marketing and selling our products to all countries since 1982.
Wide Product Range
Equivalent toners of famous brands in the industry are always in stock.
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Toner, chips and spare parts for copiers and printers

We fill 10Tons Toner Powder per month.

We can pick-up Copier or MFP device’s cartridges that have not been recycled before or are suitable for renewal from you, fill them in the weight you want and make them ready for use again.

You can pre-select the weight and quality of the toner powder, the capacity of the chip and the design of the box.

We are close to you, we can deliver lower quantity orders of empty cartridges, Chip or compatible toner cartridges to you. Please do not forget to check our product list.

We work with TTi and Tomoegawa on the supply of toner powder.