We fill 10Tons Toner Powder per month.

We can pick-up Copier or MFP device’s cartridges that have not been recycled before or are suitable for renewal from you, fill them in the weight you want and make them ready for use again.

You can pre-select the weight and quality of the toner powder, the capacity of the chip and the design of the box.

We are close to you, we can deliver lower quantity orders of empty cartridges, Chip or compatible toner cartridges to you. Please do not forget to check our product list.

We work with TTi and Tomoegawa on the supply of toner powder.

Erbomsan Ltd Sti has been the distributor and central technical service of OLYMPIA brand copiers in Turkey since 1999. Erbomsan Ltd Sti’s after-sales services are documented by the Ministry of Industry and TSE.

As Erbomsan Ltd Sti, we have been providing services in the sales and service of office machines, especially photocopy machines, since 1982. We continue to sell and service the OLYMPIA brand copiers, which we started to import in 1999, and maintenance and repair services in almost every part of Turkey, including our center in Istanbul.

Thanks to our expert technical service and sales staff, it is our top priority to purchase the right product that our customers need before and after sales, with the best price and conditions, and to provide the best technical support for the product you have purchased.

In our opinion, the fact that we have been doing this business for 25 years is the most accurate indicator of what we have said. You can buy our products at an affordable price, or you can have them by working as a copy or by renting. Thus, as you complete your copy transactions, you will make a payment for the number of copies you have made. As the Erbomsan family, we wish you success in your business.

Co.Olympic Distributor

Although we are distributor of Co.Olympic handheld coding device; It has never been easier to write variables such as text, number, date, time, barcode and qr code on any surface. With the touch screen, you can print your variable data wherever and whenever you want, without the need for an external device.

We are the first company to sell and distribute Co.Olympic handheld coding devices in Turkey. The number of customers who use the Co.Olympic handheld date coding machine and prefer us is increasing day by day.

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